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Cut Flowers That Last a Long Time

Cut flowers make any occasion all the more special, but this is only true when they’re at their best. Instead of just looking at décor, you must also consider practicality since some flowers last longer than others. When it comes to wedding season flowers and flowers for events, the lasting power is one of the most important factors to consider before making a selection. While low-quality flowers may look good for a short period of time, they don’t reflect your professionalism. Furthermore, they won’t last and may even ruin the occasion. Be sure to purchase high-quality flowers that won’t ruin your client’s big day.

Additionally, high-quality fresh cut flowers have big heads and can be reused. Whether your clients or their guests opt to donate them, take them home after the event, or choose to preserve them for a memorable keepsake, the flowers’ quality and lasting power will allow them to do so. In order to have flowers that not only look great in photos but also in real life and provide the best possible experience for your clients, you must buy your wholesale flowers from reliable sources like the farms at Fresh-o-Fair. We’re not wholesalers, but sell you flowers at wholesale prices, directly from the grower to your door. This way, your designs will be the best because they’re composed of the best possible buds you can get.

Whether you’re looking for flowers for a bouquet or a centrepiece, it’s important to ensure that they will remain fresh throughout the festivities. Check out the following fresh-cut flowers that will last for a long time, even in the summer heat.


Fresh roses are classic wedding season flowers that are not only available all year round, but also come in a multitude of colours to suit all kinds of themes. As long as they’re not directly under the hot sun for extended periods, high-quality roses last for weeks. These timeless flowers have been used in weddings and special events for years and years - and for good reason.


Both stargazer and calla lilies are popular wedding flowers and last extremely well during harsher weather. Calla lilies hold up especially well in the heat, even without water, as long as they’re hydrated upon arrival. Both kinds of lilies come in a variety of colours and have a strong fragrance perfect for outdoor weddings.

Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers like ginger and heliconia are known as being excellent wedding season flowers because of how long they last. They’re especially resistant to hot weather because of the climates they hail from. Get these varieties and tropical foliage for a heat-proof and long-lasting floral arrangement.

Gypsophilia / Baby's Breath

Gypsophila, commonly known as baby’s breath is a great addition to bouquets and arrangements alike as a filling flower. This durable flower can last up to two weeks when taken care of properly and bought from reputable suppliers.


Sunflowers are not only on our long-lasting flowers list, but they also brighten our day and thoroughly encapsulate the summer spirit. These popular wedding flowers have been even more in demand this year because of the Pantone Colour of the Year. While they’re mostly used for rustic, farmhouse-style weddings, they can also be combined with more formal flowers for a striking contrast.

Get High-Quality Fresh Cut Flowers

Flowers are perishable and their freshness is highly dependent on an optimised supply chain. Fortunately, Fresh-o-Fair has mastered this and provides fresh cut flowers direct from farms in Ecuador and Colombia to markets in the U.S. and Europe.

We understand the importance of the freshness of the flowers you purchase. That’s why we’re proud to guarantee fresh flowers from the farm. Our work ethics and strict emphasis on quality control enable our farms to produce large heads. Our system ensures your flowers arrive fresher and last longer.

If you’re looking for flowers for events such as wedding season flowers, reach out to us here. Whether it’s fresh-cut or preserved and dried wholesale-priced flowers, we offer it all. Count on us to deliver flowers directly to your event location, to your door, or handle any customised logistics requests – we look forward to hearing from you!