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Claim Policy

We created this policy in order to find solutions to problems that may occur with living beings such as flowers in the shipping process. In case you have a problem with the product please proceed as follows:

1. Process your complaint directly on the platform by logging into MY ORDERS and clicking on the CLAIM button on the right side of the order you had problems with. Please note that this must be done immediately, complaints that are more than 24 hours after the product arrived cannot be accepted.

2. If your complaint is because your product is damaged you must include this information in order for the complaint to be processed:

  • a) Quantity of damaged stems
  • b) Photos of all the stems that did not arrive properly. They must show the complete quantity of claimed damaged stems, only the stems shown in the photo can be processed for a complaint.
  • c) Photo of the UPS code pasted on the box
  • d) Code on packaging located on the inside of the corrugated cardboard sheet
  • e) We cannot process complaints with less than 25% product damage.

3. If you have received the wrong product you must include this information in order for the complaint to be processed:

  • a) Photos of the products you received that are incorrect.
  • b) Photo of the backside of the box where it says the content of the box.
  • c) Photo of the UPS label where you can clearly see a tracking number.
  • d) 30% of the value will be refunded

4. If the flower does not have the desired size or appearance but is in good condition

  • a) Photos or videos of the products describing the exact problem
  • b) Photo of the backside of the box where it says the content of the box.
  • c) 30% of the value will be refunded

5. If everything is sent correctly and your complaint is processed satisfactorily, your money will be refunded within 48 hours.

6. True garden roses have a shelf life of 5 days, no longer in a vase is guaranteed and no complaints will be accepted for the same reason after 24 hours of arrival.

7. Guard petals are normal, no complaints will be accepted, and they should be removed as usual.

8. We do not accept delivery date complaints about products that have arrived within 2 DAYS of the stated date. This may be affected by COVID, weather, or customs issues.

9. If the customer decides to assemble a mixed box that remains quite empty, he will be held responsible for any damage in transit.

10. If the customer wishes special delivery with extra costs, these will not be refunded in the event of a complaint.

11. We do not accept complaints of boxes that tried to be delivered to your business and were not received and had to be delivered another day.

12. We cannot refund 100% of the complaint about products that: have been damaged due to bad transportation of the box, have been damaged due to high or low temperatures, or the carrier has lost the box.

13. On important dates in the floral industry such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day, boxes may arrive up to 2 days later than indicated or 1 day earlier. Although 95% of our product is delivered on the indicated date, we do not accept complaints if the boxes arrive before the special date.

14. Sample Boxes of Flowers: Please note that we do not offer refunds for sample boxes of flowers. These boxes are intended for demonstration purposes, and their contents are representative of our products.

15. If you have an administrative complaint, e.g. a mistake in your invoice, you can write to within one month to fix the problem.