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Popular Winter Flowers for 2023

Something about the cooler weather has many of us picking decor that mirrors the chilly atmosphere. When it comes to decoration, nothing beats a well-thought-out winter floral arrangement. Not only does it add dimension and texture to a space, but it also adds life and vibrancy when the landscape outdoors seems bare and empty.

As we head into 2023, certain flowers stand out above the rest and are a trend of their own when winter comes around. However, it is vital that the focus is on sustainability, especially when it comes to our florals. As we learn more about our environmental impact, it is more important than ever to source from producers in favorable climates who have the expertise in growing flowers as eco-friendly as possible. Places like Ecuador make the most of their privileged climate, using their year-round spring and summer weather to produce some of the most beautiful blooms. So keep reading to learn more about these popular winter flowers for 2023.


Roses are timeless and romantic, always a welcome sight in any flower arrangement. For winter, red and white garden roses are exceptionally trendy. For a bold and festive arrangement, consider a monochromatic arrangement that mixes red roses, red carnations, and pine greens. For a more antique theme, elegant painted roses like the Nevado Roses paired with bay leaves or eucalyptus greens can make a regal arrangement.


Most people associate the brighter colors of snapdragons with summer arrangements and often overlook them when the weather cools down. However, these tall florals are one of the best options for the winter. Their elegant length and ruffled petals can add striking height and fullness to any floral decoration. Even on their own, they can be a memorizing showstopper, such as a monotone arrangement of only white snapdragons resembling icicles.


Chrysanthemums add a unique variety with their full blooms. Most people don't know that these blooms can handle cooler weather, making them a colorful choice for a winter arrangement. They come in various colors, but white and cream are the most popular choices for winter. These flowers can be mixed with white or red roses and carnations for a sophisticated, winter-themed arrangement.


Commonly known as baby’s breath, these white button blooms look like tiny mounds of snow that have settled on the ends of stems. Floral arrangements made entirely of gypsophila, such as low ones that run along the length of a table, look snow-kissed and bring the Winterland indoors. These florals also pair with others, such as raffines, carnations, or roses. Colored options such as Malima’s tinted gypsophila florals add the same fullness to match any color theme in your space.


No winter flower arrangement is complete without some well-placed greens. Pine and cedars are classic choices that will never go out of style. Their deep rich green color and fragrance bring the mountain forest indoors. But for an exciting twist, tropical foliage such as those from Magic Flower can add a new dimension to the arrangement. Their shapes and colors blend surprisingly well with other winter flowers.

Wrapping Up

Winter flowers are always a good choice for those looking for beautiful floral arrangements for the winter months. Not only are they beautiful, but when they come from producers who are passionate about growing them naturally, you know they are the best environmentally friendly option.

That is why you can always count on Fresh-o-Fair. Here, we keep sustainability in focus throughout the floriculture process. From using non-toxic agricultural inputs to efficiently managing resources and lower greenhouse gas emissions, every precaution is taken to protect our environment. There is no question that a healthy, happy Earth grows the most beautiful flowers. To learn more about our partner farms’ eco-conscious practices or our flower concierge services, contact us today for more information.