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What is it like to visit a flower farm in Ecuador?

Visiting Nevado Roses is something special. It is an experience you will remember for a lifetime. The rose farm is located in Salcedo Cotopaxi, 2 hours from the city of Quito. It is a spectacular trip through a road of the Ecuadorian highlands to a sector where there are many flower farms. Near Latacunga and close to the Cotopaxi volcano is Nevado Roses at an altitude of 9042 feet.

Recently we had the pleasure to go to the beautiful rose farm. Here we tell you about our experience.

The first impression of Nevado Roses is impeccable, you are greeted with a welcome sign where you will take a picture with the incredible team that welcomes you to the farm. 

nevado roses welcome

Right at the entrance are the offices and nearby is the place where we were invited to breakfast. Breakfast with typical local food such as Allullas. Due to the pandemic, they had to be ingenious with the separation of the stalls, a spectacular experience. 

Breakfast at nevado roses

After breakfast, we started the tour of the rose farm. The first place we were taken to was the place where they make the dyed roses and painted roses. This process takes time, so if you order dyed or painted roses you should be aware that they require 2 days of preparation. These roses are beautiful, they come in every color you can imagine, in fact, if you need them in a specific color the farm can prepare them for you! 

Painted and Tinted rosesPainted and Tinted rosesPainted and Tinted roses

Then we went to see the rose greenhouses. Did you know that Nevado Roses will soon be offering spray roses? We had the pleasure of seeing some of the new varieties of flowers right in the greenhouse. 

Spray RosesSpray Roses

The greenhouses are gigantic and there are so many of them! We didn't get to see them all, but we were taken to many places. We were able to see the flower harvesting and preparation for Valentine's Day. The roses will be exported all over the world. Climbing to the top of the farm we found the Eucalyptus. Nevado Roses uses it as one of the fillers in the bouquets it sells. If you want to buy bouquets you can personalize them with them, they will be delighted!

Nevado Farms GreenhouseNevado Roses GreenhouseNevado Roses Eucalyptus

We continued our tour to the post-harvest area, this is where the flowers are processed and the beautiful roses are gathered in bunches for export.  The people who do this are super skilled, they know exactly how to pack the flowers so that they arrive perfectly at their destination. Something super special about Nevado roses is the school, where all the workers receive training first before moving on to the processing and packing area. 

evado Roses Post Harvest Areaevado Roses Post Harvest Area

The next room we entered was AMAZING, it is the cold room. Here you see thousands of flowers, it is unbelievable to be surrounded by so many roses! The roses are kept here at a temperature that keeps them fresh, and from here they are packed in boxes and ready to be shipped to the airport for export. 

Nevado Roses Cold RoomNevado Roses Cold RoomNevado Roses Packing

Before we left we could see the place where the trucks are loaded and leave for the airport with the hundreds of boxes that fly in every day. We were also able to see how the team took an active break, important to be healthy. We left happy, a magnificent experience as always, we love to visit this farm! We took home a bouquet of flowers, which lasted and adorned our homes for a long time. 


If you want to buy the beautiful roses of Nevado Roses you can do it directly on the platform by entering their profile here