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Florequisa, more than just a farm

With over 30 years of experience in the flower industry, Fresh-o-Fair provides a platform where you can source beautiful flowers from sustainable and socially conscious farms in Latin America. We have worked with 20+ farms to offer our clients transparency in what and who they are buying from. One such farm is Florequisa. Founded in 1985, it was one of the first few flower companies in Ecuador and set a legacy in floriculture and every people’s heart. Learn more about them from our interview with their brand director, Daniela Garcés.

About Florequisa

Elena Terán and her partners founded Florequisa because of their love and experience in this industry. Elena Terán was one of the first women in the Ecuadorian flower industry, and her aim was to raise the company to make it globally recognized for its high quality, professionalism and exceptional service and to set a paradigm for other Flower Companies. Today, they are one of 5 Ecuador’s Leading Flower Growers and Exporters of Fresh Cut Flowers.

According to Daniela, Florequisa is more than just a farm; it's a family. They started 36 years ago and now house thousands of people that are all part of a family.

Florequisa’s Products And Flowers

Product-wise, Florequisa is thriving and has over 70 flower types in production. The most popular among them are the gypsophilas, which are available in two varieties, and carnations with excellent market recognition. Other flowers include craspedias, the minami series carnations, and chrysanthemums.

Florequisa also has exclusive flowers developed and propagated only on their farm. According to Daniela, the propagation team has changed, created, and added a surprise element to their flowers to meet the market needs. One of their exclusive varieties is named after the founder, Gypsophilia Elena.

They also have dyed flowers, which are booming and widely accepted in the market.

Culture On The Farm

As stated above, Florequisa is more than just a farm; it’s a family that's goal is to empower workers, improve the economic and personal lives of its people, and improve the quality of products, and standard of living of its clients, people, and community.

According to Daniela, the farm hosts environmental activities like planting trees around the farm and building houses, providing medication, etc., for the animals around the farm.

Dealing With The COVID-19 Pandemic

Florequisa dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic amazingly. Florequisa immediately put appropriate protocols and safety precautions to guarantee their people’s safety despite the highly complicated situation. Not many people were infected due to the quick actions taken, and thus the farm was able to operate during the pandemic.

According to Daniela, it was a big lesson for the company and a boost for them. They held on and didn’t stop. And despite the growing economic and logistic problems, no employees were fired.

Moving Forward And Future Projects

Florequisa promises to “feel the difference,” and they aim to portray that through their projects and products. Moving ahead, their main goal is to introduce new products. Despite the logistical issues in the floral industry, they recognize the growing demand and use innovative ways to reach and connect with their clients.

They have 2 new products coming up; delphinium and eryngium. The announcement date is not finalized, but we are sure the quality will be exceptional and unique to what we have seen so far.

Working With Fresh-o-Fair

Fresh-o-Fair and Florequisa have collaborated and worked together a few years now. According to Daniela, Fresh-o-Fair did a great job connecting the final customer with the farm with fair prices, fair process, and information.

We aim to provide the final customer with authentic information about the farm and industry so they can make conscious decisions. We are providing a convenient way to make the world bloom. We are honored to be working with Florequisa, which values people, innovation, and quality above all else. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future.

To learn more about their products and buy online, go to their profile here.