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How to care for your roses

Hello and welcome back!

Today we would like to talk about how to keep your cut roses fresher for longer. Their normal life after being cut is roughly 16 days. If you order Fresh-o-Fair roses, the shipment normally reaches you within 6 days. That means that their vase life is around 10 days. We know how important vase life is to our customers so here are some simple tips, after all, happy roses are beautiful roses!

Your Fresh-o-Fair roses will always be delivered in the best condition, but we recommend that you dip the stems briefly in warm water on arrival. As a result, they quickly absorb water and counteract the dehydration of the journey.

  1. While your roses are standing in the warm water, take a glass vase and give it a good clean ensuring there is no soap residue remaining then fill it with warm water.  Glass is a great material because it prevents the PH level changing.

  1. Cut off at least 1 to 2cm of the stem from the bottom, this reopens its vessels allowing it to soak in all that lovely water! The cut should always be made at an angle, it gives more surface area which again, allows the flower to soak up more water and nutrients.


  1. Now remove any leaves that will sit under the water line, these can cause bacteria that will shorten the life of your beautiful roses.


  1. Avoid direct sunlight and drafts when placing your vase.

  1. Refresh the water every three days, this avoids bacteria building up. Cut off 1cm of the stem from the bottom, this reopens its vessels.

Lastly and most importantly, enjoy your roses!


The Fresh-o-Fair Team