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Sant Jordi and cut flowers

A celebration of St. George or Sant Jordi, in honor of the patron saint of Catalonia, is the equivalent to the one celebrated on Valentine's Day by a large part of the world. On this day, you will often see people giving books and roses decorated with red and yellow colors, characteristic of Catalonia. Despite being such an important day for the Catalan community, it is not considered an official holiday, so all restaurants and shopping centers usually work, becoming a very particular day, with a taste of celebration and love.

It says that all began in a quiet town, where a king and his beautiful daughter lived. One day, a dragon came to take away the peace of this beautiful town, eating the animals and creating terror all around. The inhabitants went to the king and asked him to intercede for them with the dragon. The king accepted and came to an agreement with the dragon. The dragon would leave his people alone in exchange for a beautiful lady. As it was fair, a raffle was held, and unfortunately, the beautiful princess was chosen to be delivered to the beast. Days later, a brave knight appeared and offered the king to rescue his beloved daughter. Then, the knight went where the dragon was and confronted him. He fought and wielded his sword in the heart of the monster, causing its death. The dragon's spilled blood became a beautiful red rose, which he gave to the princess. In gratitude for his act, the king gave the knight everything he wanted, but the knight decided to share it among the inhabitants of the kingdom. That brave knight was called San Jorge. It is for this reason, that when commemorating his death, the tradition is that men give a rose to their beloved wife and they reward them with a book.

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