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The best quality: Flowers from Ecuador!

Ecuadorian flower growers have become a very important pillar in the flower trade, with their high performance and service-oriented companies working to the highest quality standards. Fresh-o-Fair as a wholesaler now offers its products online and guarantees delivery of products to florists. Order directly and enjoy fresh flowers, as they come to you without waste of time and without long commercial routes.

The assortment is exciting, the flowers have been cultivated under the privileged climatic conditions of the Andean country. Exotic flowers, roses, and foliage from Ecuador are products that florists must have in their daily life, and they meet the demands regarding quality and long durability.

Fresh-o-Fair works with selected flower farms that offer extensive production and allows florists the opportunity to order directly from them. There were reactions of admiration when unpacking cut flowers that were shipped directly, avoiding long commercial routes.
Denise Morgan of Fresh-o-Fair comments, "We built a platform that promotes transparency and fairness for all involved. For us, fair trade is a major component of our online offer to florists in Germany." The one-of-a-kind sales and direct delivery offer clear advantages in terms of durability. The commercial value is impressive - enjoy it!

Competent Partner

The leading flower growers who market through Fresh-o-Fair are known as exceptional suppliers of Ecuadorian flower supply.
The flowers of this Andean country, due to their climatic advantages, belong to the best that the world flower market has to offer. Fresh-o-Fair creates transparency and displays on the website an extensive offer in which florists can place their orders directly.
The young and committed team can also be contacted in German and is available to customers.
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