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MAGNIFICA MUMS! OUR STORY Magnifica was created as a result of unforeseen events. With the intention of growing the best product, packed with the best material, and serving the most demanding markets that appreciate quality, in 2021 a farm is created, FOR THE FIRST TIME, from a product need and with the MAIN INTENTION: to collaborate with each of the members of the value chain: the workers, the breeders, the marketer, the logistic agents and the most important of all: the clients that request this product. WHAT MAKES THE FARM SPECIAL: The farm is structured around customer needs. All important decisions are based on this concept: Genetically, we use varieties based on what the market demands. The shape of most of the flowers follows the same rule: our customers want in most cases, dahlia-like mums. Colors: we are seriously following the floral color trends, we are choosing the % of each color and variety based on what our customers are asking for each season. Seasonality and availability work accordingly. Service is a MAJOR word for us. Size and color: we have studied which varieties do well and tested them in a small laboratory on the farm. We have only chosen those that come closest to the needs of the color palette. We have chosen large varieties as well as smaller ones but with striking color and shape as the most important attributes. OUR VALUE PROPOSITION: We want to offer ONLY NOVELTIES, very large bloom, beautiful packaging, and very vivid colors to serve a fashion-oriented and demanding consumer. We offer flowers that create the WOWWW effect because our flowers are bigger, brighter, thicker, with amazing colors, and long-lasting.

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Puembo - Ecuador