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MISION To produce carnation of the highest quality. That is reflected in its natural characteristics like intense and solid colors. That lasts life in a vase making our clients, friends, and allies exhibit a beautiful indoor garden. VISION To be a prosperous carnation production cooperative, our goal for the year 2025 is to reach 7ha of production, in order to satisfy the demand of our customers. CORPORATE VALUES MAXIMUM QUALITY - At Coexflor our main goal is to produce quality carnations and then export them according to international standards. RESPECT,- Our customers deserve the greatest respect and personalized attention, who have placed their trust in Coexflor are in a special place in our Cooperative. HONESTY - Honesty comes from both sides, a fundamental value to achieve short and long term business, harmonizing the value chain. PUNCTUALITY - Our compromises with the client will always be on time, for Coexflor it is important that the order is dispatched on the agreed date. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - We are a cooperative that watches over the well-being of our members and their families, and also participates in transcendental events in our community of Patután, province of Cotopaxi.

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Patutan - Ecuador

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