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Hello and welcome back!

Today we want to tell you a little more about our philosophy here at Fresh-o-Fair. We are a company that genuinely cares about the environment and only work with farms that share our views.

One of our many goals is to cause and encourage as little waste as possible. That’s why we spent time, money and effort designing a brand new flower export box that not only ensures protection of your flowers but also minimises ecological impact and maximises ease of use!

The lid assembles without the use of staples or adhesives, in fact it’s so easy to use that it’s actually faster to assemble and flatten than a traditional flower box! The base was designed in such a way that encourages the use of only 4 staples, this is a decrease from the normal 8 (I saw a base once with 16!).

This new design inspired us to start our
campaign, this is all about giving our awesome new boxes new purpose and function.

We have prepared several examples with different levels of difficulty (easy, intermediate and masterful) so that you in a few simple steps, can convert your box into accessories for daily use. When you give your box a new lease of life you are not only building yourself something useful but you are helping our #ReuseFoF  initiative and thus, together, we can contribute to the care of our planet.

Here are some examples of how you can use them:
Easy level: a support for computers, cell phones and tablets.

Intermediate level: a clothes hanger.

Masterful level: a footrest or small bench, this requires more cutting and assembly time and a higher level of precision.

We would love for you to either use our ideas or design your own creations and post a picture to instagram using #ReuseFoF . This will hopefully inspire others to live more sustainably.

You can rest assured that we have also considered recycling. All our boxes are made without the use of adhesives so that in the event a box is not reused it is easy to recycle.